Digital bank for teenagers in LatAm connected to prepaid card Z1 is a digital banking app made for teenagers and young adults. By using the Z1 app and a prepaid card linked to their account, teenagers can begin their road to financial independence by learning to manage and spend their money, as well as having a place to receive money they earn through jobs and small businesses.



Founder 1

Thiago Achatz,

Thiago is co-founder and COO of Z1. Before that, he was part of the founding teams of Rappi (YCW16) and Grow (Grin YCS18 + Yellow), helping build the digital wallet at Grow.

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Founder 2

Mateus Craveiro,

Mateus Craveiro is CTO and co-founder at Z1, a digital bank for teenagers in Latam. Prior to Z1, Mateus was a Principal Software Engineer at (Stripe in Brazil), which was later acquired by StoneCo.

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Founder 3

Sophie Secaf,

Sophie Secaf is a creative strategist, consultant, and cultural researcher. Before founding Z1, Sophie worked as a political researcher in São Paulo and lead YONE, a branding company based in NYC. Secaf specializes in socio-cultural research, consumer insights and brand strategy. She is particularly interested in subcultures and consumer behavior. She is also the co-founder of YAGA festival, a festival focused in the international exchange of global subcultures and queer perspectives.

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Founder 4

Joao Pedro Thompson,

João Pedro is a co-founder and CEO at Z1. Before Z1, he co-founded Vereda, an education startup focused on providing high-quality K12 education at affordable prices for the Brazilian middle-class. He started his career in investment banking at Itau BBA and also worked in the finance department at Kraft Heinz, where he headed LatAm treasury.

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Founder 5


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Founder 6


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