XOresearch is a company focused on providing deep learning technology to real-life products for healthcare. XOresearch is a company built with an aim of cheap and precise automatic arrhythmia detection. Our global ambition is to reduce the cardiovascular diseases` (CVD) complications by early diagnostics, allowing early intervention, and real time monitoring of people with high risk of the heart event.



We are really serious about the arrhythmia. Our implementation, called Cardio.AI, is not just another basic ECG algorithm. And it’s not only about a deep neural network which can predict about 80 arrhythmia classes. It’s also about the professional tools, in the form of the cloud web-UI, which helps cardiology professionals to explore and find insights in the patient’s ECG data from any place on the planet. With this approach we try to blend the best of two worlds — AI’s ability to automate repetitive tasks in finding arrhythmia and human’s ability to control and verify the AI to solve the most puzzling cases. Besides that, we are using our own software on a daily basis for building innovative business models on top of the cool hardware of our partners. Mass cardiac checkups is one of those emerging business models, which was not feasible on the previous tech-level. And right now, a single-use ECG device and Cardio.AI’s ability to compress the final reporting process to minutes range allows us to do thousands of those 7-day tests daily with a relatively small team of ECG professionals. And we have more very strong features coming, like MCT and blood pressure monitoring — it won’t be easy to beat us in this field.

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