XM^ONLINE fast code platform helps to create any enterprise-grade application fast. From customers’ campaign management, which delivers personalized offers to the building of IoT business-based solutions.



We believe in a world where ideas can be converted into a valuable product really fast, so you can focus on the sustainable development of your business but not technical issues. With XM^ONLINE any MVP or new digital service could be created 57% faster. ​We help companies start their digital transformation towards industry 4.0 and new standards in business delivering. XM^ONLINE is a fast-code platform with five core components (Product & Service Catalogue, Billing & Ballance Management, Customer Information Management, Device & Resource Management, Business Process Management) and additional extensions. We’ve created the XM^ONLINE platform based on our team and industry expertise in one of the most demanding industries – telecommunications. We used to work efficient, fast and always keep our hands on new technologies and best practices. XM^ONLINE is an open-source platform because we believe in contribution and sustainable business development. We build a reliable and transparent relationship with our clients with our effective and proven delivery lifecycle of business analysis and support.

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