The thing is that we started Whale long before we started Whale because we were trying to solve our own problems. Once upon a time, which was actually just back in 2018, states Whale’s co-founder and CEO, Gary Vanbutsele, I was leading an IT Services Firm. I felt I could never get ahead or actually. I just felt that I was constantly putting out fires. And it was my own fault really because I was focused on trying to solve the immediate problem(s) at hand instead of empowering my team to solve them. As the team grew, things just got worse. I knew we’d never be able to scale the business unless I found a way to do this. And so the seed for Whale was planted. I began to think of ways to empower my team with information and knowledge sharing. It was like all the lights came on. I realized that we needed to build a pragmatic approach to managing process in a business environment to enable growth not just for our own business but to help others scale too! Of course this wasn’t the “and they all lived happily ever after” storybook ending. Far from it. It was just the beginning.



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