Waved develop solutions to help restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail create a better atmosphere for their guests. Happy guests stay longer and spend more. By using IoT sensors to analyze the human-made noise, Waved automatically adjusts the music volume to a perfect level – no matter the circumstances. We make the restaurant and hospitality experience better, no more shouting to hold a conversation – the background music is always well balanced.



WHY WAVED? THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The goal of restaurants, bars and other eating and drinking venues is to provide the best customer experience possible. The customer’s well-being is directly linked to the amount of money spent during their stay and the likelihood that they will return. THE IMPORTANCE OF SOUND Research has shown that a well composed sound environment has direct impact on how the guest’s overall experience and even how the taste of the food and drinks are perceived. LARGE INVESTMENTS IN SOUND EQUIPMENT Most restaurants and bars know how important the sound environment is for a good customer experience and it is common to spend thousands of dollars on sound equipment. WHAT DECIDES THE VOLUME? The volume is usually controlled manually by waiters or bartenders in-between their other duties. Lack of information and knowledge of the customers perception often lead to poor volume level decisions. THE SOLUTION IS WAVED Wall-mounted sensors are placed around the venue and listens to the sound environment. Waved’s brain is build around our self-developed algorithm. It has the ability to understand and evaluate the sound environment and is used to set the perfect sound volume in order to maximise the customer experience.

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