Vibranium Venture Capital:

Building a fast growing company and bringing it to the international market is an ambitious task. We believe that only true champions can do it.

At Vibranium.VC we are able to find those champions in the early stages of their development and give them help and support to grow through the difficult stages.

Managing partners of the Fund are serial entrepreneurs and investors with extensive experience in startups.

They are ready to provide you with not only investments but also useful contacts and other resources for growth.

Our investments focus is on startups with global ambitions, ready to enter their first foreign market.

We are mainly looking for IT solutions with B2B business models, based on advanced technologies and with a high potential for rapid growth and scaling.

Our team will be happy to meet if the above matches your vision of partnership.

Let's build future unicorns together.


1. $40k+ MRR on US market (with incorporated US entity)

2. Annual revenue growth: 300% & higher (MoM 15%+)

3. Valuation CAP: max $25 Mln

4. Tech focus: IT B2B SaaS, PaaS, Cloud services, (Industry agnostic)

5. Not interested in : Pharma, biomedtech, crypto, hardware, non IT

6. Stage: Seed, pre-series A, (no bridge rounds)

7. Company: no more than 3 years old

8. Team: Core expertise in the area, serial entrepreneurs

9. Ambition: Grow to $100M ARR in 5 years

10. Funds average investment check: up to $500k in the first round + Up to $1,5M follow on.

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101 Jefferson Dr, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA

Stage of Investments

Idea or Patent, Prototype, Seed, Series A

Average Investments

50.000 $, 100.000 $, 150.000 $, 200.000 $, 250.000 $, 300.000 $, 500.000 $, 750.000 $, 1 MLN $, 1,5 MLN $

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