Vianova is a data platform that helps cities better integrate and manage shared, connected, electric and autonomous transport solutions in the urban space, enabling better use of city infrastructure, and promoting safer and more sustainable mobility.



Vianova is building the operating system of the public realm, working with cities and mobility providers to better distribute and control access to public space. Our data platform enables seamless exchange of information between mobility providers and cities regarding traffic and curbside management. Cities can get access to mobility insights (based on telemetry data) directly from the connected vehicles for improved real-time transport orchestration and more informed urban planning. We also enable cities to push to mobility providers accurately and efficiently geo-fenced regulations. Mobility providers can access our Policy API to receive dynamically from local authorities regulatory and infrastructure information (speed limit, operating zones, curbside access, road closure, etc.). Our technological innovation is based on a bilateral data sharing protocol, a data infrastructure with proprietary algorithms and an HD map engine for enforcing spatial regulation as well as proprietary privacy preserving encryption techniques.

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