The space industry faces new challenges with the rise of satellite constellations. Expert in space propulsion and leveraging more than a decade of applied and fundamental research, ThrustMe enables economic and environmental sustainability of the rapidly growing space industry by delivering groundbreaking, true turnkey, and streamlined in-orbit propulsion solutions for a wide range of satellite platforms and missions. ThrustMe’s Iodine Cold gas Thruster operating from 5W of power, therefore, called I2T5, is a fully integrated and streamlined propulsion system for low ∆v missions. Its small size (0.5U / 93x89x50mm) and low thrust (<0.3 mN) make it ideal for most nanosatellites, for which it can provide orbit maintenance, constellation phasing, collision avoidance, and de-orbiting. The I2T5 enables significant cost savings compared to differential drag and is safe for rideshares due to its use of solid iodine propellant. The I2T5 was first successfully tested in space in 2019.   LONG DESCRIPTION:

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