TerminusDB is an open-source full-featured in-memory graph database management system with a rich query language, WOQL. TerminusDB allows for the whole suite of revision control features: branch, merge, squash, rollback, blame, and time-travel. It is about taking data seriously, structuring data to meet business needs, and reducing the code required to display, distribute and manipulate data and support great decision making. TerminusDB was previously known as DataChemist, was founded in Dublin, Ireland. TerminusDB provides the full suite of revision control features. TerminusHub allows users to manage access to databases and collaboratively work on shared resources. Flexible data storage, sharing, and versioning capabilities Collaboration for your team or integrated into your app Work locally then sync when you push your changes Easy querying, cleaning, and visualization Integrate powerful version control and collaboration for your enterprise and individual customers



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$ 1 Million - $ 2.5 Millions

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