Launched in 2019, TaxDown has become Spain’s leading income tax solution. The platform eases the income tax filing process and helps taxpayers save money, in addition to providing advice and expert support where needed. In the course of its operations in Spain, TaxDown has already handled more than €193 million in tax returns for its clients, helping them save more than €400 on average per tax return. With growth in interest in the crypto market across Spain, TaxDown is also focusing attention on this demographic of investors. The platform will make it simple for those who have sold or traded crypto assets during the past year to file their tax returns. More than 7 million Spaniards invest in crypto assets and 41.4% of them are under the misconception that they do not have to pay any kind of tax on their gains or compensate for their losses. TaxDown will make the process of reporting taxable gains & losses easier than ever, thanks to a specific module for crypto and new personal investors.



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