ShapeDo is the only end-to-end proven SaaS solution to control the impacts of design change on program, cost, and delivery. Design change is the Achilles heel of construction, and most notably of large and complicated projects. It happens frequently, in massive quantity, and often without instruction and with little or no way to discern what has changed. When design changes, it also trickles down to all aspects of a project: planning, commercial, subcontractor coordination, purchasing, and more. So the ability to control these changes is pertinent to controlling the project. Utilizing cutting-edge proprietary image analysis software, ShapeDo automatically overlays all consecutive revisions to create easily-accessible comparisons that highlight all the changes. This enables users to quickly and efficiently identify all the changes to drawings and ensures that every single change is found. Think ‘track changes’, but for drawings. Within drawings and comparisons, it enables users to measure, mark-up, and communicate to collaborate with common data and a common goal. Users can then implement simple and familiar project controls (RFI, EW, CE, etc.) with visibility into change and connectivity between teams. ShapeDo enables commercial teams, engineering teams, and planners to work together collaboratively in pursuance of a common goal: having no change go unmanaged.



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