SensoMatt is predicting a normally unpredictable disease named pressure wounds, in patients and elderly by applying Innovative Sensors in addition with Artificial Intelligence.



SensoMatt is a solution to predict one of the hardest healing wounds in the world. We are going to predict the unpredictable nature of Pressure Ulcer by applying Artificial Intelligence. SensoMatt contains a sensor sheet, which is placed underneath the medical mattress, a decision making core to predict the risk of pressure ulcer and analyze the priorities, and a mobile app interface to send alarms and notifications and receive some clinical data from users in the hospitals and nursing homes. SensoMatt vision is to reduce the pain and the costs of pressure ulcer for patients, elderly and paralyzed people. The solution should be cost effective and should be scalable to develop for all hospitals and clinics around the world with any financial power. The prediction should be effective enough to show the users, the right way to behave with the patients in order to have proper prevention of the pressure ulcer.

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