Sedicii provides real-time, verified digital identity and transaction certainty with security and privacy solutions that prevent financial crime, safeguard data and deliver value.



The resources and costs needed to ensure the safe, secure and trustworthy movement of data and money continue to increase. Assurance requires security and certainty; challenging goals to achieve in a digital world. Sedicii helps to reduce these costs and resource needs through the use of advanced cryptography and A.I. to build trust networks for organisations and people. Digital Identity: KYCexpert provides a biometric, fully digital onboarding capability with streamlined customer experience. Combined with real-time attribute validation with authoritative sources ensures authenticity and regulatory compliance. Strong Authentication: Kagii, Sedicii’s proprietary Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) passwordless authentication solution is patented, secure, lightweight, fast and easily runs on a mobile device. Private data is never exposed, unless the user consents. AML/Financial Crime: Prexa ensures that all transactions, whether monetary or data, are secure, verified, compliant and certain. In Financial Services, our AML solutions ensure beneficiary certainty with real-time compliance, pre-execution.

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$ 1 Million - $ 2.5 Millions

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