RVmagnetics is an R&D company that developed the smallest passive sensor in the world based on MicroWire.The scope of our work lays in prototyping and customization. The company is based in Slovakia, European Union. RVmagnetics was established in 2015 by prof. Rastislav Varga and since this date has been organically growing to meet the needs for unique sensor technology of innovative leaders in a wide array of sectors (Composite, Battery, Motors, Healthcare, etc) Industries. Over 70% of employees in the company are R&D members, most of them with PhD. From MicroWire technology in chemistry, physics, electronics, electromechanics, engineering, and industrial design.



The cornerstone of RVmagnetics activities is the Custom-development of unique measurement solutions based on our own, smallest passive sensors in the world – MicroWires. With our measurement systems we are able to provide real-time, contactless measurements of physical quantities(temperature, pressure, magnetic field, vibrations, torque, bending, el. current, etc.) with the smallest passive sensor in the world, our own – MicroWire, with this enabling precise, physical data production from otherwise inaccessible locations. The MicroWire sensors and the sensing system: – Passive, miniaturized sensor (diameter ca. 3–70 μm); – Sensing head that consists of excitation and sensing coil. – Electronics that digitize the analog data, transferring it into customer’s preferred software through wifi, Bluetooth, etc. *The power needed to excite the MicroWire is a few milliamperes. *The power to the sensing device is up to the customer: it can present itself as AC or battery-powered

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