Next-generation, innovative engineering.

Your ideas aren't limited. We believe your resources shouldn't be either. Rescale ( provides the largest, most secure, global HPC footprint seamlessly integrated into an easy-to-use platform built for engineers and scientists.

We are always hiring great talent: Rescale partners with industry-leading software vendors to provide instant access to a variety of simulation packages while simultaneously offering highly secure, customizable HPC.

With platforms optimized for specific workloads, users are able to maximize their resources in an environment that is tailored to their CAE simulation needs.

Rescale offers three platforms: ScaleX Enterprise: Developed with both engineering and IT in mind, enterprise companies use ScaleX Enterprise to transform their IT from rigid on-premise hardware to a flexible, scalable HPC environment with a robust administration portal, remote visualization, and HPC integration capabilities.

ScaleX Pro: This platform is designed for independent professionals and SMBs to perform complex simulations with increased speed and performance.

The platform can be deployed to any organization within minutes. ScaleX Developer: This platform is designed for external application developers and software vendors to build, test, and deploy software directly to Rescale's platforms using Rescale's powerful backend.

Rescale is located in San Francisco and works with users in the aerospace, automotive, energy, life sciences, construction, marine, consumer products, and manufacturing industries.

Based in

San Francisco, CA, USA

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