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Embedded Linux device management and remote access with integrated VPN. Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Building and many other IoT applications have a common challenge. They involve a lot of different edge devices that all need to be managed throughout their lifecycle. On a typical shop floor or in a smart city deployment there are dozens of different devices that all need to have security settings in place, that need to be updated and configured as well as maintained until decommissioning. solves all this by providing a flexible agent that can be installed on any Linux device without the need for additional development work. It is lightweight and pull-based which allows the units to connect from basically any company network or firewall as well as through mobile networks. The build in VPN makes it possible to securely access the remote devices out of the box either through remote ssh access or through full web server access with the qbee-connect desktop tool. Utilizing a VNC client like RealVNC or similar qbee turns quickly into an embedded Teamviewer alternative allowing to simply check what is happening on a remote device. Integrated performance metric monitoring allows to quickly discover any deviations within the device fleet. This can identify log file creeping, flash issues or just high load. provides a full analysis of all software libraries used and checks against the NIST CVE security database. This allows to proactively identify security issues such as heartbleed or similar. One major functionality of qbee is the configuration management. This part allows OTA software updates of libraries and packages. Together with file distribution and templating this allows to easily configure any application or Linux service. In contrast to Chef, Puppet, SaltStack or Ansible qbee is pull-based. This allows to configure devices based on state rather than to tell the edge units what to do. All devices (also spare devices that might have been offline for years) will receive the latest configuration and converge to that. All this with a minimum footprint and impact on other device functionality. This is very useful to keep ssh keys concurrent for all devices even while rotating them on a regular basis. Typical customers of qbee are system operators that need to maintain a diverse fleet of edge devices, both new and legacy ones. Here a single pane of view helps to get a full overview quickly. Manufacturers of machinery and industrial solutions can use qbee as a remote device management tool without the need for investing into their own development. This allows for fast POCs (proof of concept) as well as for very good ROI (return on investment). Embedded board device manufacturers can offer qbee as a pre-installed solution enabling their customers to achieve a quick time to value. We are happy to get in touch with you and let you know more about our solution. We also offer a 30 day free trial:

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