Chickenhouse invents the egg that does not touch the chicken! We think that consumers should be able to choose an oven that guarantees that no suffering has been committed to the chickens. We work with organic lifts and put in place a respectful process of life of chickens. Why do chickens eat chickens? Whatever the mode of elevation (even organic), the global agri-food industry allows live pond chickens to a maximum of 18 months; after that, they become less productive and they are committed to reform (abattoir). Why is this oven not a chicken? We are committed to not working with the bio-lifts having signed an agreement that does not send the chickens to the reform, but to the Poulehouse refuge and that it is possible to buy female chicks through sex in OVO. What is sex in OVO? In order to avoid the massive massacre of male poppies, researchers are launching a new technique to determine the sex of all embryos while they are still in the eye. This way of proceeding allows avoiding a lot of suffering. What is La Maison des Poules? The Chicken House is a refuge that we will open at the beginning of 2018 in order to receive the chickens from our partner pupils, for more than 18 months, in order to avoid the abattoir and allow them to live until their natural death. We work with ethologists to determine what is the best living environment for chickens over the entire duration of their lives. We agree that groups should be made up of a reasonable number of individuals allowing for social exchanges. How much do the chickens and chickens cost? The box of 6 œufs Poulehouse is sold at an average of 5.99 €, which is almost 1 € per oven. The set of costs of our mode of operation is reflected in the price of the egg in full transparency to allow the consumer to understand our action.



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