Pledged Capital is a decentralised trust fund combining traditional crowdfunding with Blockchain technology and easy-to-engage smart contracts, ensuring a secure investment, and giving a voice to investors through a DAO.



Pledged Capital ($GAIN) The team from Pledged Capital, have developed a DAO investment platform that releases raised funds in pre-arranged payouts based on successful milestone completions. Thus, making your investments more secure We are working towards establishing a new, safer, and ultimately the go-to standard for crypto investing and funding management. The project is built in such a way as to turn the current model on its head and instead of simply releasing all raised funds to a project in a single upfront payment, funds are held in a trust and released to the project in set amounts when certain milestones are achieved. Should projects fail to deliver, further funding can be blocked by investors through a vote in the projects’ governance pool of GAIN Tokens. Whilst these funds are being held in a trust, pending release upon a milestone reached, Pledged Capital held funds are allocated to stablecoin Yield Farming protocols where 70% of generated interest payments are returned to the investor. This means that funds are actively growing, while waiting to be used in the projects upcoming developments thereby turning sleeping funds into active earners Pledged Capital is set up to be the go-to standard for funding and one-stop investment hub offering users easy access to the best available DeFi practices.

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$ 1 Million - $ 2.5 Millions

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