PCL Health is a connected care and health analytics ecosystem to empower independent lifestyle and wellbeing of older adults using innovative technology. Our platform engages seniors with their care circle and allows sharing day–to-day vital measurements to see health trends and pick up deteriorations before they become severe.



PCL Health provides a range of innovative technology that empowers independent life, keeps older adults safer and improves their quality of life. Smarter care that enhances the lives of your family members. With our highly configurable devices that send vital measurements seamlessly, our remote monitoring solutions can be configured to align with your care pathways. Remote health monitoring with PCL Health devices is free from human errors and allows providers to deliver better, more cost-effective care remotely. Our IOT based smart devices – PCL Connect tablet, Blood Pressure Cuff, Glucometer for Blood Sugar, Temperature Sensor, Scale, Smart watch.

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$ 2.5 Millions - $ 5 Millions

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