Primary healthcare app for Latam.Okani is a low-cost health membership for the 50M Mexicans that spend 25B on healthcare out of pocket. We become patients' first point of contact with the healthcare system by providing digital primary care through chat and an app, then orchestrate the delivery of secondary healthcare with physicians, labs, pharmacies and clinics. We're founded by a team of 3 engineers and a doctor with a masters in clinical care. Pepe previously sold a startup to Cabify and ran engineering with Romario for Nubank's first international market.



Founder 1

Jose Akle,

Software engineer & engineering manager. Founded 3 companies in fintech (Solutrust acq. CIBanco), beverage (Sin Secretos acq. Kua Mex Foods) and ride hailing (Yaxi acq. Cabify). Worked at 3 fintechs: Paybook, Resuelve and Nubank.

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Founder 2

Helena Arzabala,

Medical Doctor. Masters in Clinical Medicine. Researcher at the Department of Chronic Diseases, Autonomous University of Yucatan (2017 - 2019)

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Founder 3

Romario López,

Romario López. Software Engineer, worked at several high growth startups like Wizeline, ArcusFI and Nubank. Experience in high availability, scalability and distributed systems. Launched Nubank México and helped to build the bridge between Nubank engineering offices: México, Brazil and Argentina.

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Founder 4

Javier Olan,

Software Engineer, cofounder of Yellowme, one of the most successful nearshoring dev shops in Mexico, where they helped build products for startups like Ooyala, Kueski, Wizeline, Enso and others 20 startups.

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Founder 5


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Founder 6


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