Customer Problem: Utilities and users have tedious task of taking the water/gas/ heat/ electricity meter readings monthly. It is related to high costs for Utilities and it is boring to customers. Existing technologies are not suitable for dispersed settlement areas and smaller apartment buildings. Nordic Automation Systems solves this problem with its LoRa IoT devices and network equipment. Additionally, utilities get hourly usage data for analysis and optimisation. Product/Services: LoRa sensors, GW and platform services – full vertical. New LoRa technology is mature and vertical offering lowers cost and gives utilities jump-start for offering services to their customers. Our products save meter reading collection costs while giving consumption dynamics of the valuable resources. The proof of the success is hundreds of requests and trial orders from our website alone. Target Market: Currently we supply our products and services to all markets to build up the pipeline, while setting the focus to the specific markets within few months to meet the targets for 2017. Typical customer segments are Utilities, System integrators, ISP-s and Telcos.



IoT LoRa full vertical solutions provider, manufacturer of Nodes, Gateways and Cloud backend. Nordic Automation Systems is an industrial automation company. We believe in the world with precise data and less tedious repetitive manual tasks. We create sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring solutions. LoRa® technology enables us to provide end-to- end LoRaWANTM – smart metering, smart monitoring, smart city and industrial IoT applications.

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