Netsensing Technology Sàrl (Netsensing) solution to enable the mass detection of sleep apnea, is to propose a low-cost device, that drastically reduces time and cost of detection, easy to use without wires and tubes, fully reimbursable, AASM compliant and, telemedicine compliant. More, it will be place at pharmacies for immediate access by patients. Technically, Netsensing will use, AASM compliant sensors and software, all integrate in a lowcost wearable and stretchable device that looks like a corset.



Netsensing is focusing on the development (then manufacturing, certification and sales) of a sleep apnea detection medical device HSATpro (CE Class IIa). Sleep apnea prevalence is 15% and, when not treated, reduces life expectancy by more than 12 years and dramatical impact on economy. A major issue is that it’s largely undetected. The main reasons are high cost of detection (€1’500/detection), long waiting list (1 year average) at doctors and hospitals. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is the world reference of sleep disorders followed by doctors and health insurances. The AASM set up specific requirements on technical measurement of sleep apnea.

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