NEOSTAR is a new way of buying and selling vehicles, but also maintenance and additional services that complement the whole ecosystem of your vehicle. Simple and fair. With security and trust in focus.


LONG DESCRIPTION: is a new, one-of-a-kind platform for the sale, purchase and maintenance of vehicles that introduce innovation on a global scale. Any person or business can advertise and sell used vehicles on the platform completely free of charge, while buyers get a transparent insight into a vehicle’s condition, thanks to Neostar’s 60-key-point inspection, as well as purchase security because all vehicles bear the manufacturer’s or Neostar’s warranty. The platform likewise provides online vehicle servicing arrangements with transparent pricing and reliable service quality. What sets the platform apart from all common methods of selling and purchasing used vehicles is the simplicity of the process, as well as the comparability, reliability, and transparency of the available information, and security for all its users. The seller registers to the platform by entering some basic data about the vehicle, and the rest of the information is entered by the inspectors after they have examined the vehicle through 60 key points, photographed it and made a 360-degree recording. This inspection is usually done as early as 24 hours after the seller had entered the vehicle for sale. Moreover, all vehicles advertised for sale through the platform bear either the manufacturer’s or Neostar’s warranty. addition to the said used vehicle sale or purchase, the platform provides an overview of the available repair shops on a map, as well as choosing and scheduling appointments for vehicle servicing, with transparent pricing and service reliability. Any user, who registers their vehicle, will be notified by the platform when it is time for the regular vehicle maintenance, e.g. annual servicing, or tire replacement. In addition to the already mentioned services, Neostar is planning to enable securing loan agreements online to purchase vehicles as well as obtaining insurance online via its platform. The company behind the platform is Croatian startup Neostar, by year-end the investments in the platform’s development will exceed HRK 35 million. Neostar’s long-term goal is to attract new investors and investments to enable the platform’s further development and expansion to other markets.

Based in

Velika Gorica, Zagrebačka Županija

Founded in


Founding Status

$ 2.5 Millions - $ 5 Millions

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