Movandi, founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, has taken in $57.4 million in funding to develop hardware solutions that help extend 5G performance and availability.

The company’s exclusive partnership with Verizon has led to the launch of a “5G Extender” Indoor Smart Repeater Solution.”

In order to understand this need, take a look at this great visual from the bright minds over at CB Insights.

On the far right, you’ll see the radio wave spectrum that 5G operates in which is referred to as “millimeter wave frequencies.” (Millimeter wave is often abbreviated as mmWave.)

5g brings with it certain technical challenges that need solving, such as requiring a visual line of sight between the 5G signal and the devices using it. Consequently, you’ll need lots of hardware devices that act as “repeaters” to create a daisy chain of devices emitting signals. This will enable Verizon to service users with 5G across large internal areas such as an office floor or a warehouse.

Verizon has been investing in millimeter-wave spectrum for years, and owns significant swaths of the higher-frequency band. This means they’ll be quick to get in bed with companies like Movandi that are building out hardware devices that solve outstanding technical problems that are slowing adoption.

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