METHANOLOGY AG (MY) develops a power to liquid (PtL) energy storage, e-fuel production and CO2-capturing system, that uses renewable electricity and CO2 from the environmental air or biogenic CO2 to produce renewable, clean methanol by a bio-electrocatalytic process. Methanol contains three times the hydrogen power than compressed hydrogen (@700bar) per volume!



The final goal of this project is to develop the PtL-technology and later sell/distribute a device that produces e-methanol to store energy in liquid form on an existing infrastructure (storing, distributing, fueling). This device addresses individual, decentralized energy storage, as well as larger, industrial scale applications. A patented bio-catalytic process converts water and CO2, adding electricity from renewable sources, to e-methanol. The used technology works with carbonized water as well as with captured atmospheric CO2. All of this addresses three points: – Making renewable energy storable during overproduction in high-times, to be used during low-times (night/winter-gap) – Capturing CO2 from CO2 intense industries (sewage treatment, bio-gas facilities, etc.) – Producing e-methanol (storing energy) where renewable energy and/or CO2 cumulates and distributing it with a readily available network in stead of using the electric grid which is not up for the task. Methanol currently is the basis of all our industrial and mobility needs: – Converting it back to electricity by fuel-cell when needed – Using it as an e-fuel for current and future combustion engines (cars, ships, planes, construction machines, furnices, etc.) – Methanol is the basis for thousands of industrial processes (plastics, chemistry, pharma, etc.) This whole PtL-concept (e-methanol) is currently gaining a lot of traction, especially in large industrial applications and thus not new in itself. USP of METHANOLOGY is that all of this is achieved by our own biocatalytic process (enzymes). Same as ones’s liver produces water and CO2 from alcohol, these highly developed dehydrogenase enzymes reverse the process. ( This brings a number of advantages: – Direct conversion to e-methanol from the liquid (H2O+CO2). No electrolysis in the traditional sense to produce hydrogen necessary – Traditional Fischer-Tropsch-synthesis requires high pressures and high temperatures. METHANOLOGY’s process works at low pressure and almost room-temperatures, extremely increasing efficiency for small applications and adding safety which enables even home-installations. This technology allows METHANOLOGY to enter a totally new and inexistant market that is irrelevant for large competitors but yet seamlessly works together with all the forces on the forefront of a fossil-free future. Our technology is capable to cope with all diversities of application and scale.

Based in

Neuhausen am Rheinfall

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Founding Status

$ 1 Million - $ 2.5 Millions

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