Loctio offers location estimation services in a Location as a Service (LaaS) model for IoT devices. The company’s solution has the ability to provide integral (chip/ module enabled) precise position estimation services to numerous applications while offering unprecedented power efficiency and phenomenal accuracy. The underlying technology uses solely Radio Frequency (RF) and digitalization circuitry for capturing the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals and other signals of opportunity (cellular, BLE). The result prolongs the lifespan of IoT device batteries by migrating to the Cloud or Edge the vast majority of power-consuming calculations for reckoning location. Offering on top an advanced GNSS anti-spoofing shield, Loctio enhances its LaaS model with security capabilities that dovetail perfectly with any IoT deployment. This, in turn, makes location estimation flexible, generic, secure, cheaper and most importantly so power streamlined that it can be efficiently used in numerous IoT enabled devices as yet constrained or excluded. Designed to be largely scalable and resilient, it addresses the global GNSS equipment & augmentation services market which is projected to reach approx. $175 Bn by 2029.Loctio foresees a universe of numerous interconnected devices each of them gifted with the charisma to accurately know or provide the means for determining its precise position. For a continuous consistent seamless location detection experience in both indoor and outdoor environments even amid harsh conditions a single technology is not enough thus multiple approaches shall be chained together. For reckoning timely and securely the position with acceptable precision, confidence and integrity apart from GNSS, localization methods and data from other terrestrial sources like but not limited to 5G and IMUs shall be baked in accompanied by advanced Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing-Fingerprinting or Collective Perception. Loctio is willing to render all this sophisticated IP processing throughout it’s Cloud and Edge LaaS offering.



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