LEDCity is an award-winning cleantech startup based in Zurich, Switzerland developing an intelligent plug-and-play lighting system that can reduce energy consumption by 90 percent compared to traditional systems. AI-optimized algorithms control the light autonomously and dynamically. The integrated control system not only makes it possible to dispense with any external control components during construction, but also to simultaneously record data such as people movements and energy consumption in real time.



The company, founded in 2017, is reinventing lighting: LEDCity has set itself the goal of ridding the world of obsolete motion detectors and light switches. Motion detectors are a half-century-old invention, which are expensive and complex to install. Due to the central control, they can also control the light only very sluggishly. A decentralized, sensor-controlled and AI-optimized lighting system can solve this problem, saving 50-70 percent more energy than modern LED systems. Thanks to up to five integrated sensors and a small computer per light source, the light source can decide precisely when and how much light is needed in addition to natural light. The startup claims to have developed the world’s most energy-efficient lighting system. At the same time, it aims to optimize building operations by evaluating data from thousands of sensors. Since the start, LEDCity has acquired 370 customers, founded two subsidiaries, hired over 30 employees, and won six awards in 2021. Other supporters of LEDCity include the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Swiss Climate Foundation, several investors, and well-known board members. Thanks to the first round of financing for the sum of two million euros, the first cornerstone for growth was laid. This enabled the company to hire the first employees in Spain and Germany, to further optimize the products and offer additional software as services solutions (SaaS). All in all, LEDCity managed not only to save the annual electricity consumption of 8,000 households through the implemented projects but also to increase the revenue by almost 100 percent to more than three million dollars in 2021.

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