LastBasic is a product development marketplace that offers hardware tech solutions & functional prototypes for individuals, startups and SMEs, in a simple and economical way.



Why: Everyone has the potential to contribute with their ideas to the evolution of technology. How: We provide the necessary resources, through a collaborative economy model, so that everyone can materialize their ideas into tangible projects. What: We are an engineering platform which delivers hardware technological solutions for the creation and development of functional prototypes for Startups, SMEs and individuals, in an easy and economical way. We put the ideas in contact with a community of experts who’ll help to make them real. This a fact that people don’t invest in their technological ideas because traditional engineering consultancies are slow and expensive in creating a first prototype. Have you ever had an idea for an invention and you have not known what to do or who to go? I advance you that even if you find where to go, the price will throw you back. LastBasic is the solution to this major problem – we are 10 times less expensive than a traditional engineering consultancy, open to everyone, at any time, easy to access and a simple click away. We offer a collaborative platform, which is a marketplace for entrepreneurs, intra-entrepreneurs and certain individuals to develop the best version of their ideas in an affordable and accessible way. The client comes to our website with an idea, the experts design it and develop it and the client leaves with a tangible and functional prototype.

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