Klang Games is an entertainment studio exploring the future of humanity through various forms of media.

They aim to present deep, meaningful subjects in a way that’s captivating, easy-to-digest, and entertaining for all ages.

They are currently developing Seed; a large-scale virtual world that they believe will redefine the MMO landscape and have a positive impact on our species.

Klang describes the simulation as a voyage across an Earth-like exoplanet – abundant with all forms of biomes, various habitats, seasons, and unpredictable weather – where players can harvest resources, collaborate with other players, and conquer new lands.

Seed is utilising SpatialOS, a platform that can realise vast, complex virtual worlds on a network of continuously running servers.

Founded in 2013, the Berlin-based startup raised €20 million in August 2019.


Oranienstraße 164, 10969 Berlin, Germania

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