SHORT DESCRIPTION: is among neo-banks. We were a successful cashback app, onboarded more than 1m users since 2014. Then we decided to create a neo bank with the highest cashback-paying debit card in the world (up to 5-10% and more).



Traditional banks aren’t able to pay such big cashback on their debit cards and scale this product worldwide for 2 main reasons: 1. Their debit card cashback is originated from interchange commission (that’s why they either doesn’t pay cashback or pay as low as 0.1% in most countries). 2. They are limited to 1 country due to necessity to obtain licences in every new country (that’s a very long way and that’s why they are so clamsy). We can do to due to 2 reasons: 1. Our cashback is originated from affiliate marketing model, we get incomparably bigger commission from stores around the world. 2. We are not limited by local jurisdictions as we use BaaS (bank-as-a-service) model allowing us to issue our debit card in any new country quickly. Selling points and differentiation: – The most rewarded debit card in the world! – Best deals and coupons inside your bank account. – No fees for transfers, daily payments and other basic stuff! – “Stress-free” banking, no hidden fees ever – The best and only digital customer service – Equally profitable around the world” Why we are among neo-banks: Can be equally used in UK, Nigeria, India or any other country as it offers the same product Doesn’t depend on local regulators, as it doesn’t (re)sell, rent out, offer any travel product or service Runs all it’s worldwide business from 1 place Is now launching in a new country for 1 week due to unified system of management, marketing and technical support which run from 1 place Has transparent business model that doesn’t require registering local entities The product-market fit was proved by 1M users” By now we: As a cashback app – Launched in 19 new countries: US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Germany, France and – Gained 5,000+ partnerships worldwide (Booking, Aliexpress, etc.) As a neo-bank – Made full business development with BaaS providers in UK, US and Europe. – Created MVP and bank product architecture Execution – why we will manage The crucial thing is not amount of countries or partnerships, but how to create a united system that work with small resources. 100% remote team. No any “local teams”, “country managers” and other useless stuff. Centralization is about how to make the same, but x10 more efficient. System can scale exponentially, “teams” can’t.

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