K-Rev has revolutionized the evaluation culture, switching from Assessing People to Valuing People.

Our mission is to make people grow by spreading the Just Culture in which feedback is an opportunity for personal and professional development.

We are supporting the HR staff, via HR Tech systems and processes, which are more and more user-friendly, useful and effective.

K-Rev is putting technology at the service of people, using AI and machine learning systems to support management into taking the best decisions in order to constantly improve people, companies and the world.



K-Rev is a complete, easy, and engaging platform (mobile + web) with which it is possible to digitize the workforce’s performance management process in use in all large organisations replacing the paper trail.

The quick and easy way to enter evaluations guarantees a uniform appraisal over time (continuous feedback).

The real-time access to the workforce’s progress guarantees a balanced and useful feedback for the company targets.

The application allows to highlight the skills of the workforce together with the company’s progress, trying to match them with the business’s targets and the need for training courses.

K-Task is an innovative platform for online target management.

It allows to design, memorise, and quantify the achievement of both qualitative and quantitative targets over time.

The system is a web platform and allows the management of different categories of either individual or group targets using one or more KPIs.

An innovative aspect is to link the ultimate target with all the steps taken to achieve it, via a OKR mode, to trace the feasibility of the company targets and their achievement path.

The two vertical applications are combined in a suite including a support app dedicated to assessments - K-Quest - that can be used for 360° feedback, and a centralized dashboard - called K-Skill - to view a complete profile of each person.

K-Rev is the platform around which the suite was built: it is a system for evaluating the "soft skills" of the workforce in an organisation.

It is based on skills and behaviours modelled on the client requests and pre-loaded on the app to facilitate the evaluation of the workforce. Real-time data, focused on the company requirements, allow managers to organise targeted training courses and highlight excellency faster.

The continuous feedback helps to improve the workplace: many studies highlight that the more feedback you give, the better an organisation works.

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