iNERGY AGTECH was founded to tackle the challenges we are all facing in the cities we live in: lack of healthy food and natural ecosystems. With the aid of sensors, automation and predictive modelling and the latest innovations in the horticulture, IoT and manufacturing, our smart green infrastructure allow anyone to grow more(health) with less(resources), anywhere. With a business model focused on delivering immediate benefits in terms of resource & time use, the hybrid hydroponic technologies we develop and implement are able to provide constant high yields, with an immersive and interactive experience based on education & awareness. For growers, it means more profit and less waste. For cities, it empowers ecologic and economic impact through nature, productive environments and increased life quality. Furthermore, through our expert network of cleantech partners and academic specialists, we are engaging in a bottom-up innovation process, allowing us to build and implement custom solutions that maximise the benefits of productive systems, ecosystem services and any green initiative in cities and buildings.



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