We are Green Panda and our mission is to give consumers the most value out of their smartphone with zero hassle by empowering them to sell it in the fastest, safest, and easiest way possible. More than 2 billion working smartphones end up forgotten at the back of some drawer after you upgrade to the latest and greatest. But there is a solution as simple as trading them in and getting paid while participating in the circular economy. 1Bn smartphones stop being used, every year. With A.I. proprietary technology, we enable consumers to trade in their smartphones in 3 mins. You may have “divorced” your old smartphone, but most likely it still has value to give. If it is in good condition, we will repair it and find a new owner. If not, we will recycle it responsibly, saving valuable materials that will help produce new ones.



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$ 1 Million - $ 2.5 Millions

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