Fybra is an innovative startup in the sector of indoor air quality (IAQ) using the power of data and machine learning.

Its mission is to improve both indoor air quality and comfort conditions in every single type of building (public places, schools and private houses).

The solution is non-invasive, plug and play and low cost.

The internationally patented IoT sensor continuously monitors indoor air parameters and learns the patterns of both pollutants and comfort conditions.

After a short learning period it will optimize the rates of ventilation in the room so to obtain the best air quality and the best thermal comfort at the same time, even if the only ventilation system is a window.


Fybra deals with air quality in a completely revolutionary way.

Patented and unique solution for an emerging and award-winning innovative startup.

Fybra is a 100% Italian company that improves the air quality in closed spaces by exploiting natural ventilation. It uses advanced sensors and predictive and adaptive algorithms to ensure healthiness, comfort and energy efficiency.

Fybra has been invented and developed by its-co-founders Gaetano Lapenta (Ceo) and Marco Scaramelli (Cto).

It has been supported by a group of companies which are both equity investor and technological partner.

Based in

Milano, MI, Italia

Founded in


Founding Status

$ 1 Million - $ 2.5 Millions

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    • Gianpaolo
      25 September 2022 at 11:21

      Fantastic Product and fast shipping.
      I bought it just for try and it’s amazing, super smart and fast installation in my office, and I will definitely buy more of them also for my co-workers.
      Hugly recommended

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