[FlowX.AI]( is the first AI-driven multiexperience development platform that enables enterprises with legacy or complex infrastructures to build and launch digital products in 10 weeks.



[FlowX.AI]( is the first AI-driven multiexperience development platform that helps large enterprises build and deploy on legacy infrastructure, digital experiences that delight customers, increase profits and open-up new revenue streams. All without writing code and in just 10 weeks. Enterprises are captive to their technology stack. Building seamless and scalable applications that deliver customer satisfaction, engagement and higher sales on legacy stacks is very costly, risky and takes a a significant amount of time. And even if enterprises embark on such projects, the results often do not justify the effort – applications crash, outcomes are not delivered. [FlowX.AI](http://flowx.AI) offers a life-extension to your legacy stack while making it possible to deploy digital experiences right now. With our platform, any business professional can create and publish +80 NPS web or mobile applications in a 100% visual way, 80X more efficiently than writing code. And they can create a unified experience across fragmented systems, so that you achieve a single source of truth for all your digital operations. [FlowX.AI](http://flowx.AI) is deployed as a digital engine in large and complex enterprises such as BCR-ERSTE, Banca Transilvania, News Corp Australia and in one of the largest multinationals in oil & gas, powering mission-critical processes, with +1M active users per day.

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