Today, farming has gone digital. Farmers are surrounded by data from a variety of sources, utilizing this data effectively can have a massive positive impact on farmers everyday life. One thing that also massively impacts farmers everyday life is the weather. It impacts everything from harvesting to fertilising, to animal management and everything in between. Founded in 2015, FieldSense launched its agtech weather services in 2018. The startup provides hyper-local weather information and forecasts to help farmers monitor and act upon changes in local, microclimatic conditions. Based on weather data from in-field, solar-powered weather stations, the Danish agtech company creates user-friendly tools for farmers to help them in various important decisions. The FieldSense weather station is tailored for agro-purposes, accompanied by a farming-oriented and intuitive app. Every day, FieldSense collects more than 2 million weather measurements from close to 16.000 sensors that farmers can use in their day-to-day planning and operations – a real game-changer for the industry.



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