EET: The energy reformers

SolMate is the name of the photovoltaic system of Efficient Energy Technology GmbH
(EET). It consists of solar panels for the balcony and a storage unit and is intended to
enable independent and decentralized power generation. These mini power plants for
sustainable energy supply by Stephan Weinberger, Christoph Grimmer and Florian
Gebetsroither are easy to install and have a degree of self-interest of 100%. They could
change the energy supply of private households. Particularly the company's own
measuring technology, which recognizes whether straight current in the household is
consumed. Currently the product is still in the test phase. Preparations for entering the
market this year are in full swing.
What: Mini-power plants for home
foundation: 2016
Special feature: Independent, decentralized energy generation

Based in

Herrgottwiesgasse 207, 8055 Graz, Austria

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