Any companies processing food in the EU and US are required to execute an HACCP plan (Food Safety Regulation). EEat’s goal is to free restaurants & food processing companies from the HACCP hassles (data entry, monitoring, archives, inspections). EEat enables them, using an association of sensors and a mobile application, to be highly compliant with the HACCP regulation while saving time, reducing errors and simplifying archiving. EEat mobile application enables to swiftly plan, manage and execute required HACCP procedures. EEat’s sensors automatise the most painstaking of them: temperature monitoring. In a sector governed by paper solutions, EEat is transforming the way HACCP procedures are done.



HACCP is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards. Any company processing food (restaurant, catering, industrial) on the EU and US market must execute (Laws) on a daily basis a valid HACCP plan. Executing this plan is highly consuming for the whole team (managers, chefs, cooks, …). EEat’s motivation is to free them from the HACCP hassles (data entry, monitoring, archives, inspections) using innovative technologies (IoT & mobile app). EEat provides (subscription based) an association of a mobile application (simplification & digitization) with connected sensors (automation) to simplify food safety regulations (HACCP) execution. EEat’s customers increase their compliance level, save an average of 3 hours a week on data entry, reduce by 80% input errors and misses and avoid food losses. EEat focuses on traditional & industrial food producers, on the catering industry and on restaurants. In a sector highly governed by paper solutions, EEat is radically transforming the way HACCP processes are done.

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