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E14 Fund is the early stage venture capital firm from and for the MIT / Media Lab startup community.

Our mission is to serve the whole community; our business model is investing in a subset of the community. We invest in scalable, deep tech startups and donate a portion of profits to MIT.

We’re usually your first investors and most often help when a company is moving from tackling early science or engineering challenges to building and shipping product to address a real market need, moving from using your scientist brain to using your founder brain.

Whether you’re a researcher considering the real-world translation of your work, an alumni who’s thinking about a new idea or a startup looking to connect with industry leaders who might have valuable feedback, become a partner or a customer, E14 Fund is here to help. Brainstorming, spitballing, looking for connections and resources within or outside of MIT — if you have a past or current MIT / Media Lab affiliation, it’s never too early to talk with E14 Fund, and no request is too small.

Not sure you’re a good fit? Just ask.


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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