DataStories in a Belgian-based scaleup providing data analytics software and services for the industry. DataStories software is a self-service A.I. tool that quickly explains you in an intuitive way what are the deep relationships in the variables you collect, and how you can understand, predict and steer your KPIs based on the data. Our software is unique, because it is very easy to use and does not require a data scientist, all our use cases are business focused, which increases internal adoption, and versatile, which makes it scaleable in large companies. Best first adopters are engineers in research, development, testing, and manufacturing departments, butt the same software is also used by sourcing and budgeting departments, consumer science and marketing departments, and general business intelligence.



The quickest wins from predictive analytics for research and development are in product and process innovation and reducing the time, and analysing context data. The quickest wins for manufacturing and process industry are in increasing transparency and reducing production cost. Examples include data-driven root-cause analysis, yield improvement, energy optimisation, connecting production and warranty data, process automation. Most of our customers are large companies in fast moving consumer goods, food and beverage, biopharma, and advanced machinery and automotive.

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