We support Oncology Diagnosis (Pathologists, radiologists and oncologists) in better and faster diagnosis using AI (Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML))



We support Oncology Diagnosis (Pathology and radiology) in better and faster diagnosis using AI (Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML)) In Pathology ( We provide Manual Whole Slide Imaging Software (PathoCam) to save pathology images by using your own microscope equipment. PathoPlatform ( Web viewer: The zoom/view, annotate and share it by web/browser + AI modules to support Pathologist in Cancer Diagnosis In Radiology: DICOM web viewer to analyse Radiology images (MRI, CT, USG others) we work under AI modules to support radiologist in diagnosis process. We have developed specialized algorithmic solutions to analyze medical images for Pathology and radiology for faster and better than human accuracy. Our solutions, which are both in API and Web Platforms, are designed to offer faster and better access for second and third diagnostic opinions by medical professionals to help develop a therapeutic approach quickly. This will help the patients and physicians by reducing anxiety caused by not knowing what they are dealing with. Our solutions do all the work—segment images, find regions of interests, generate statistical descriptions of images, count cells, mitosis, and even recognize the type of cell. Your focus—saving lives, our focus—image processing and fast detection

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