Launched in 2021 by co-founders Patrick Reich and Eliot Makabu, Bonnet simplifies the process of EV charging away from home. The young company is on a mission to decrease charging anxiety and democratise public charging, particularly for those without private driveways. The app delivers real-time data on charging availability and functionality, while also offering cheaper charging options through its charging bundles. Since its launch, the platform has worked in tandem with charge point operators and charge-point manufacturers to make charging accessible and simple for customers – addressing a key challenge in EV adoption. Since its launch, the business has 50k charge points available across the UK and Europe, with plans to support the majority of charge points across select European geographies and the UK by the end of 2022. Bonnet also plans to use the investment to increase its international presence in new markets and support further R&D into new features and revenue streams.



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