Hello, I'm Bianca Praetorius,

Startup Pitch Coach, Public Speaking Coach and I also regularly moderate events that are about the future of the world.

I have spent my entire professional life with startups, technology, digitization and innovation.

My world consists of software, hardware, algorithms, machine learning, collaborative technologies, IoT, artificial intelligence, mobility, decentralization of X and blockchain. The whole thing is roughly called the “tech industry”.

There it becomes clear: Our entire world is currently being renegotiated. Technology is leap-frogging us.

That's why I have a hot, un-easy hobby: innovating politics. Technology is a niche topic in politics. That must not be. Technical progress will change our economic system, the meaning of work and the way we look at ourselves. These issues have to go where our society is actually shaped: in parliament, in politics.

Digitization is not only a technological but also a cultural revolution. I think we could slowly manage to depict it like that.

If you google me, you will find out that I co-founded two political parties, Democracy on the Move and Democracy in Europe , with the latter I was on the ballot paper for the 2019 European elections.

Our main concern is “ Green New Deal for Europe” and I continue to advocate that we bring a green, infrastructural general overhaul to the decentralized energy transition in Europe.
At least since then, I too became a climate activist. Climate protection is a no-brainer if you care about the world. I think not being climate active is downright indecent.

In 2020, with a lot of dedication, committed people and hundreds of zoom calls, I tried to persuade the small “other” parties to form a container party in the climate alliance at BTW21, United4Bundestag .

The aim was for them to crack the 5% hurdle together and become effective in terms of climate policy, united by a common commitment to a 1.5 degree climate policy. Unfortunately, this alliance did not materialize.

In 2021 I finally joined the CDU Berlin, co-initiated the KlimaUnion and finally founded it together with other union members in April 2021.

The aim of the KlimaUnion is to encourage the CDU/CSU to commit to a sustainable market economy with a clear commitment to limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees.

My heart and brain beat for everything that could mean thinking ahead. Talk to me about the Circular Economy of Technological Progress//Transparency & the User Experience of Democracy//Open Source & Open Society//Update of the Interface of Democracy & Renaissance of collectively owned structures & about democratic participation, economic participation and everything else -actually-brings-us-together-participation.

And of course - if your pitch needs to get better, you want to give a Ted Talk or you want to give a speech to the nation, hit me up. ;)

And please don't complain to me about too many English words in a German text.
This is Europe. You're welcome.


Berlin, Germania

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