ARTEMIS is a smart tech bodysuit that eliminates period pain. An alternative pain relief method with two clinically proven solutions to give instant relief without any side effects for millions of women all around the world.



ARTEMIS is an intelligent bodysuit with integrated heat and micro vibration, two medically proven techniques, to eliminate period pain. The product is connected to an application allowing the user to personalise the strength and the module of the pain relief. A detachable smart device communicates between the hardware and software. THE BODYSUIT This washable wearable garment is made from natural yarns and hi-tech equipment in our European factories. The merino wool and Lenzing Lyocell works as a perfect natural heat regulation. All our yarns are certified with GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, RWS Responsible Wool Standard. THE DEVICE We achieved the Device MVP in 11 months from the concept level. These images illustrate the evolution of the basic form to the current 3D printed model. It contains two rechargeable batteries, and in the future our goal is to reduce its size to the smallest possible option. THE APP For the moment, the device is controllable via a browser user interface (BUI). There are two functions, the heating panel with ten levels and the micro vibration function has 5 modules of waves on 10 intensity levels. In the near future we are going to integrate multiple new functions, for example body temperature measurement or data logging to measure objective period pain to accelerate women’s health research.

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