Enterprises break customer trust in very expensive ways by deploying flawed software updates -- an explosive problem as software eats the world. Armory fundamentally changes how enterprises ship software.

Now: Fix the Deployment Pipeline as Enterprises move to the Cloud: Spinnaker is a best-in-class, open source Continuous Deployment platform leveraging immutable infrastructure in the Cloud, released by Netflix last year.

We're building a packaged (or managed), bulletproofed enterprise-grade deployment platform on top of Spinnaker. Next: Machine Learning Deployment Decisioning.

Next, we'll integrate business, application and system level metrics & telemetry from leading providers like Datadog, Salesforce and Google Analytics to make Armory the deployment decisioning control point, evolving that into a sophisticated, self-optimizing deployment decisioning platform, saving each F500 enterprise millions of dollars annually and restoring customer trust.

Based in

San Mateo, CA, USA

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