Abir Hossain:

I am an experienced Sustainable Business Development professional with a proven track record of delivering results on financial and non-financial aspects in the capacity of a start-up and multinational company.

Purpose-driven work and the diverse nature of projects always excite me the most.

I started my career in the FMCG industry for one of the most international companies in the world.

Leading projects, developing business, driving sales, leading teams, managing the supply chain network have been a few of the responsibilities I performed in different roles.

The entrepreneurial spirit brought me to Sweden in 2015 for conducting Masters.

This career intervention transformed me as a professional and I eventually became passionate to integrate sustainability in the business.

In that light, I resumed my work as a Consultant for Sustainable Business Development for a Swedish start-up company.

In 4+ years, I made the successful foundation of the company from scratch to scale up by leading several high impact international business projects.

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» Create winning funding strategy and accessing the finance to accelerate the growth.

» Bring clarity to the startups by defining the business models and support in execution.

» Help companies level up their sustainability agenda by integrating 17SDGs, circular offerings within their core business strategy.

» Support SMEs in preparing business plan, business model innovation, redefine the business strategy.

» Coach/Mentor entrepreneurs to bring clarity through custom-tailored vision clarity exercise.

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» Being a team player, I rely on the collective intelligence & wisdom of experts to guide toward the best solutions.

» As a person with an open and agile mind who constantly process the “hows” and “whys” of situations.

» Being analytical who always searches for reasons and causes to create workable solutions.

» To inspire people to accomplish things they never thought they were capable of doing.

» To take extreme satisfaction from being productive. I desire to deepen my understanding of various topics, opportunities, problems, solutions, situations, events or people.

project management, business development, change management, funding, analysis, marketing, supply chain management, business planning, data-driven market research, business operations, strategy, partnership management, sustainable business, 17SDGs, leadership.

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Gothenburg, Svezia

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